HeadLimes® are simply a better way to add lime to any Drink and they are totally entertaining!

A beer or cocktail served with a HeadLime is so much more engaging, entertaining and memorable then a regular drink.  And, they get the lime juice where it's supposed to go... in the Drink.  Customized and printed HeadLimes are available for brands to match any promotion - on-premise in restaurants or bars, etc.  The Gator Edition is the first version and the Football and Lime Editions will be released soon.  With 2 patents issued and a third pending, HeadLimes are, in fact, totally exclusive!  Join our email list and be the first to know when the new HeadLimes are released.  Make HeadLimes!  Order small batches of HeadLimes by CLICKING HERE or, for larger orders or to find a distributor of custom printed HeadLimes near you, CLICK HERE.

Get the Lime in the drink -- keep the bacteria out!

HeadLimes are carefully engineered to funnel the lime juice directly in your drink - not on your shirt, on the table or in your eyes. And, HeadLimes keep the lime (and any bacteria on the lime wedge) out of your drink!

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HeadLimes are totally exclusive Promotional Items for Brands.

A drink served with a HeadLime is much more interesting than one with a simple lime wedge.  Make a statement with HeadLimes and draw attention to your brand. HeadLimes are customizable and printable -- just let us know what matches your brand.  

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HeadLimes & the Environment

HeadLimes are dishwasher-safe and are intended to be reused.  And, by keeping the Limes out of Mexican beer bottles, HeadLimes help make sure that beer bottles are recycled and NOT thrown away.   HeadLimes help keep beer bottles out of the Trash!

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Custom-Printed HeadLimes

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No more fumbling around with fruit at the bar. Just pop it in, chomp it down and voila my drink is instantly better.

Mike V - Atlanta, GA

It's totally mess free and feels tough. I like them!

Mandy B. - Chattanooga, TN

I've been in the bar / hospitality business a long time and we have always hassled with Limes.  Not any more... Thanks HeadLimes!

Kyle - Cape Cod, MA