How to make

Head Lime

1.Insert lime wedge into Head Lime, flesh of lime pointing towards inside of jaw.

2.Clip the Head Lime on the rim of a cocktail glass neck of a bottle, or tab of a can.

3.Squeeze the jaws of the Head Lime, pinching the lime wedge, and watch it capture the lime juice and infuse it into your beverage.

4.Use the Head Lime to mix your drink or simply remove it and enjoy your lime infused beverage.

5.Repeat steps 1-4 whenever your beverage calls for a twist of lime!

6.PLEASE NOTE: While HeadLimes juice lime wedges into your drink, their real purpose is the fun and THEY ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE PRECISE citrus presses or lime juicers. The size of the lime wedge, hardness of the rind and angle of use impacts the performance of HeadLimes.