Head Lime

Use Guidelines

1The Best Size Lime Wedge for HeadLimes:

For best results, use medium-sized lime wedges and place them in the jaws of the HeadLime as shown below.

Regardless of the size of the lime or whether HeadLimes are used precisely, they’re sure to entertain, draw smiles and start conversations.

2Squeezing the Lime:

Place a lime wedge in the jaws of the HeadLime with the flesh pointing inward.

Next, pinch the jaws and notice the juice funneling down the tube and into the beverage.

To get the most juice from the wedge, adjust the lime wedge and give it another pinch.

Use the HeadLime to mix your drink (if used in a cocktail) or simply remove and enjoy.

3Note on HeadLime Jaw Mechanism:

The HeadLime jaw is designed to open to about 70° limited by a carefully engineered clasp and hook as shown below.

If you force the jaw open too far, the hook and clasp will separate. Don’t worry… simply close the HeadLime and make sure the hook and clasp reconnect.

Here’s a brief video on using HeadLimes most effectively. https://youtu.be/GWP8Z-u_U2U