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The newest and most unique Gator Themed party favor, drink and bar accessory, Gator HeadLimes are not only a better way to get a Twist of Lime in any drink, they’re totally fun. Clip these to the lip of any beverage glass, beer bottle, or even shot glass. Simply insert a lime wedge, pinch the jaws of the Gator together and watch the fresh lime juice flow into your beverage. Have fun with them, let your guests take them home and/or simply rinse them and use them again. Perfect for get togethers, parties, special occasions or any time a drink or beer needs a lime! PLEASE NOTE: While HeadLimes juice lime wedges into your drink, their real purpose is the fun and THEY ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE PRECISE citrus presses or lime juicers. The size of the lime wedge, hardness of the rind and angle of use impacts the performance of HeadLimes.

  • 6-Pack Gator Edition Includes 6 Gator HeadLimes
  • Reusable & Durable
  • Food & Dishwasher-safe
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