HeadLimes are great any time a drink is served. This can be at home when having a few friends over for drinks, if you are throwing a party or as a souvenir to leave with guests. Use them as party favors for any type of party, including a bachelorette party, bridal party, birthday party or any event that has a bar. Since HeadLimes are small, they also are great for Goodie Bags, unique gift bags, party favor bags, and they make perfect party table decorations. If you searching for a fun, different party idea, try a pack of HeadLimes. From a gift standpoint, these make fun bridesmaids gifts or wedding party gifts.

While HeadLimes are actually quite functional (squeeze them to get the lime into your drink), they are also very entertaining -- which makes them a gag gift and novelty gift idea. Anybody can use a HeadLime, but they are intended to be adult gifts, drink accessories or bar accessories. Please note that HeadLimes are not intended to be precise lime, lemon or citrus squeezers. Their main purpose is to make drinks much more fun and engaging, spark conversations and bring smiles.

The Bachelorette edition works the same way as the rest of the HeadLimes, but it is in the shape of penis. We did some focus group testing and the feedback from the group confirmed that the Penis Edition would be a really fun addition that would be perfect for Bachelorette parties, hen parties, bridal parties and party that might need a penis gag gift or dick themed gift. They are not intended to offend, but rather, they're simply just cute alternatives to the typical Penis Straws and Penis Bachelorette party ideas.

HeadLimes are absolutely reusable and NOT intended to be thrown away. They are dishwasher safe and made from durable recyclable plastic which means they're perfect for party favors and fun bar accessories to keep in the drawer. Add them to goodie bags or party favor bags intended for guests. Use them at parties and let your guests keep them.

HeadLimes are intended to hold lime wedges, clip to pretty much any beverage glass (or the neck of a bottle like a Corona beer), and assist in adding lime juice to the drink. While they are not intended to be perfect Lime or Citrus presses (as they size of the lime wedge, placement of the lime, etc. can impact performance), they are intended to be really fun drink party accessories, novelty gifts and party favors for any event. For tips on how to best use HeadLimes, please visit the following link: https://headlimes.com/pages/headlimes-use-tips

For Bachelorette parties, HeadLimes can be used for Goodie Bags (AKA Goody Bags), general gift bag ideas, or as table decorations with HeadLimes set up in beverage glasses, ready to go. They work great in anything from a shot glass to a Corona beer bottle. If you plan to serve wedges of lime with your bachelorette party drinks, consider making them more memorable with HeadLimes.

HeadLimes can be ordered in a couple of custom formats: 1) logo-printed, 2) custom shapes. The to discuss logo printing options and/or custom shapes of HeadLimes, please email us at info@HeadLimes.com with your request. Anything is possible and we just need to discuss options and see what makes most sense for your order size and needs.