About Us

A Twist of Lime was Pretty Messy before HEADLIMES

We've all witnessed and experienced how adding lime to a drink is messy, tricky and often unproductive.  Limes are slippery and getting the actual juice in your drink is often a challenge -- especially when adding lime to a Mexican beer via the lip of the bottle.  Our founder, Bryan, watched this and figured there has to be a better way.  And HeadLimes was created...

After more than a dozen iterations of models, the HeadLime you see today simply is a better way to add Lime to any beverage.  BUT, more importantly, it makes the addition of a lime to a drink fun, entertaining and memorable.  Just watch the reaction when you get served a beer or drink with a HeadLime vs. just a lonely wedge of lime.

Use HeadLimes and turn a simple drink into something much more fun.  And, get more lime in your drink without worrying about the typical Lime Follies.  Add logos or marketing slogans to HeadLimes and you've just created a memorable brand engagement.  Cheers.