About Us


HeadLimes make the addition of Lime to any drink fun, entertaining and memorable. A HeadLime makes any drink stand out in the crowd and draws much more attention and interest, sparking conversations and smiles! And, they help avoid the Lime Follies! Just watch the reaction when you get served a beer or drink with a HeadLime vs. just a lonely wedge of lime. Try HeadLimes at your next event, cocktail party, birthday party, or bachelorette party. HeadLimes make great gift ideas and party favors, and are perfect for goodie bags since they are small and lightweight. In addition to parties, try HeadLimes as a novelty gift or gag gift, or for that must have drink accessory or bar accessory. They're sure to bring smiles as souvenirs too.

We've all witnessed and experienced how adding lime to a drink is messy, tricky and often unproductive. Limes are slippery and getting the actual juice in your drink is often a challenge -- especially when adding lime to a Mexican beer via the lip of the bottle. Our founder, Bryan, watched this and figured there had to be a better way. And HeadLimes wre created...

If you have ideas for using HeadLimes , are interested in partnering with us and helping ‘spread the lime’, we’d love to hear from you. Please message us via the Contact Us form below (or send us an email – info@HeadLimes.com ). Thank you.

  • Contact Us: info@headlimes.com