HeadLimes are Totally New Promotional Items for Brands

HeadLimes® are intended to be printed with brand logos / identities and can be designed in any shape, form or mascot.

A drink (Beer or Cocktail) served with a HeadLime (instead of simply a lime wedge) is simply more engaging, entertaining and memorable. HeadLimes draw attention to the beverage and are conversation starters, and they can influence purchase intent.  HeadLimes are totally new, exclusive and innovative beverage promotional items – making any drink STAND OUT in the crowd on-premise (bars, restaurants), in stores. Importantly, people take HeadLimes home and the brand / marketing impact lingers – we’ve tested it! (they’re dishwasher safe, strong and meant to be reused).

People LOVE them. See some candid reactions captured at the HeadLimes debut festival – would couldn’t serve them fast enough:  https://youtu.be/cZ4W3FZZ2zI

Here’s a quick overview of how they work with beer bottles or cocktails: https://youtu.be/GWP8Z-u_U2U

HeadLimes is seeking brand partners:

With a myriad of shapes, design and print options, HeadLimes is actively seeking brand partners who are looking for a new, creative way to engage patrons.   Given the flexibility of HeadLimes, like the classic Pezz Dispenser, HeadLimes are intended to have lots of different shapes, forms and colors – matching different brand identities, co-branded programs, promotional events, activations, etc. And, they can be printed with any logo/ brand/ message. The bar / restaurant / beer / spirits industry has been using the same, tired promotional material for many years. Finally, there’s a new, fresh way to differentiate a brand in association with a beverage – and those brands will MAKE HeadLimes! We have been issued 2 patents (with others pending), have our supply chain in place and are ready to go to market aggressively. I look forward to chatting and sharing more information.

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