More Taste, Less Waste & Better Lime Hygiene

First and foremost, HeadLimes are designed and engineered to deliver the precious lime juice where it is supposed to be -- in your drink!  Not on your hands, not on the table, not on your shirt or in your eyes... simply where you want it! 

HeadLimes clip on the lip of any cocktail glass and beer bottle, and also fit on the tab of a can.   Simply insert a lime wedge, pinch the jaws of the gator together and watch the fresh lime juice funnel down the HeadLime and flow into your beverage. Use the HeadLime to mix your cocktail, remove and enjoy. Have fun with them, let your guests take them home and/or simply rinse them and use them again.

Now that you’re focused on getting more lime juice into your drink and looking sharp while doing it, you might also be thinking about keeping good lime hygiene. As you may have read, depending on how limes are handled at restaurants and bars, the rind of a lime can be crawling with bacteria. As such, it’s probably best to keep this bacteria out of your beverage! Since HeadLimes keep the lime out of your drinks, they also minimize the lime rind bacteria from fowling up your favorite beer, cocktail or beverage. Read more about Lemon / Lime Hygiene here: