The Bachelorette - Jacques Le Coque - Edition

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The newest and most unique bachelorette and bridal party drink accessory, The Penis Edition HeadLime (AKA Jacques Le Coque), is not only a better way to actually get a Twist of Lime in any drink, it’s totally fun. Clip Jacques on the lip of any beverage glass, beer bottle, or even shot glass and insert a lime wedge.  Then, pinch the jaws (balls) together and watch the lime juice shoot out of the tip! Use Jacques to mix your drink, remove and enjoy. Let your guests take them home and/or simply rinse them and use them again.  Jacques is washable and reusable -- totally fun party favors!  Please note that while HeadLimes do squeeze lime juice into your beverage, they are not intended to be precise citrus presses or juicers.  HeadLimes are intended to be really fun, bring big smiles and make any drink more engaging.  Choose from Blue, Pink, Metallic Gold or an Assortment of the 3 Colors.  Cheers and Happy Liming!

We created HeadLimes for a few reasons... 1) to get more of the lime juice in the drink, 2) to minimize touching of the lime and to keep dirty lime wedges out of your drink, and most importantly, 3) to enhance the experience with a drink. HeadLimes make any drink more fun... just watch the reactions when you serve a drink with a HeadLime (especially the Jacques Le Coque Edition) - as a bachelorette party favor, drink accessory or just a fun, novelty gift idea. Cheers and Happy Liming!

🌟VALUE & QUALITY & FUN – All HeadLimes are intended to be enjoyed at your event, saved and used again.  They’re food-safe, recyclable, washable and hearty and you’ll get lots of use out them and lots of smiles!  They are NOT meant to be thrown away.  Choose from packs starting at 6 pieces, mix and match the different HeadLimes editions that can be used any time a drink is served (well beyond your bachelorette party or bridal party).  HeadLimes are really fun ‘live’ party favors that are used at your next event while doubling as really unique party favors for the guests. 

🌟A TOTALLY UNIQUE & EYE-CATCHING DECORATION - Great for bachelorette parties, hen parties, bachelorette favors, bridal showers and more! Give your guests a great laugh during a girls’ night out, pride party, special occasion or a wild night out! Jacques HeadLimes are the perfect addition for any bachelorette gift bags, or table decoration! A MUST have for any bachelorette party!

  • Includes 6 Jacques Le Coque Edition HeadLimes
  • Colors:  Pink, Blue, Metallic Gold or an Assortment of the 3 Colors
  • Reusable & Durable
  • Food & Dishwasher-safe
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